corpspeak: infinite corporate bullshit generator

Why waste time hiring PR departments, speech writers, and, for that matter, management, when you can get endless amounts of meaningless corporate bullshit right here? It's perfect for your next memo, press release, reorg meeting, or strategy document.

Your paradigm shift is just a button click away...

Build Your Own!

You can create your own BS generator by clicking the button below and typing in your own words as explained in the instructions. Anything's possible: lawyer speak, Bush speak, Hillary speak, customer service speak, ... If you create an interesting or amusing generator, email it to me and I'll include it here with name credit. Thanks!

The source code to the generator, xspeak.js, is also available unobfuscated, and you are welcome to copy, modify, and distribute it (along with the configuration file from this page) under the terms of the GNU AGPL.


Dating back to around 1991, this was a skunkworks hack I wrote while working at SGI. It was originally a command-line program but I created a web interface for it a few years later.

Since then, people have done some wacky things with corpspeak, such as hooking it up to a lava lamp random number generator (sigh, seems lavarnd/lavarand links are now dead) so that it is guaranteed to produce visionary and paradigm-shifting corporate management insights, and startups that are sure to IPO.

In 2008, I updated this site using bleeding-edge Web 2.0 technologies, and added a setup file—webspeak—for those exact same technologies. That made it much better, of course.

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