Buzzword Bingo

Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo

Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo is an excellent solution to long meetings. Just print up a few of these cards and take them with you to your next meeting. As your boss and coworkers utter these awful buzzwords, mark them off. When you get 5 in a row, be sure and stand up and yell "Bingo!" to announce the fact to all present at the meeting. We've been informed that this is an effective means of ensuring maximum meeting productivity.

Buzzword Bingo


Five buzzwords in any row, column, or diagonal is "BINGO!"
Only mark off buzzwords uttered by others.
Baiting your coworker is allowed.

          Buzzword Type:


Dating back to early 1993, Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo was, as far I know, the first ever implementation of buzzword bingo. In 1993, I created a publically accessible web version of Tom's C program, and it spread across the internet like wildfire. In 1994, Scott Adams did a Dilbert strip involving buzzword bingo, and in 1998, Tom and I were even quoted slandering management on the front page of the Wall Street Journal!

Now there are quite a few buzzword bingo sites.

In 2008, I updated this site using bleeding-edge Web 2.0 technologies. Now take it and run with it...the ball's in your court!

The source code to the generator, bingo.js, is available unobfuscated, and you are welcome to copy, modify, and distribute it (along with the configuration file from this page) under the terms of the GNU AGPL.

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