John Muir Trail

Kings Canyon to Whitney Trip

Here's some stats and pix from a 9 day, 61 mile hiking trip I took along the John Muir trail in California, USA. I started out the trip with a friend at at Road's End in Kings Canyon National Park (not on the John Muir trail). Then I met up with my brother and other mountain men hiking the entire (200 mile) John Muir trail at Charlotte Lake.


Here's the general area where I was hiking, in purple:

Here is the route I took, highlighted and labeled in purple. The John Muir trail is in green:

These maps are based on the nice PDF maps from Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park which you can find at

Here all all the hiking legs of our trip:

 startstart timestart altitudeendend timeend altitudemiles 
Aroad's end7/30/02 8:00 AM5060charlotte creek7/30/02 2:00 PM72806.9 
Bcharlotte creek7/31/02 7:00 AM7280charlotte lake7/31/02 1:00 PM1037010.2 
Ccharlotte lake8/2/02 7:00 AM10370vidette meadow8/2/02 9:00 AM96003.5 
Dvidette meadow8/2/02 9:00 AM9600wheelbarrow camp8/2/02 12:00 PM112004.9 
Ewheelbarrow camp8/3/02 9:00 AM11200forester pass8/3/02 11:00 AM131802.5 
Fforester pass8/3/02 12:00 PM13180tyndall creek8/3/02 4:00 PM108807 
Gtyndall creek8/4/02 10:00 AM10880wallace creek8/4/02 1:00 PM104004.7 
Hwallace creek8/5/02 8:00 AM10400guitar lake8/5/02 3:00 PM116806.9 
Iguitar lake8/6/02 7:45 AM11680trail crest8/6/02 9:45 AM134803.3 
Jtrail crest8/6/02 10:15 AM13480whitney summit8/6/02 11:45 AM144942.5 
Kwhitney summit8/6/02 1:30 PM14494outpost camp8/6/02 4:00 PM104005 
Loutpost camp8/7/02 10:00 AM10400whitney portal8/7/02 12:00 PM84003.5 
Mwhitney portal       

And a picture of the altitudes we were hiking at:


My brother brought along about 18 pounds (!) of camera equipment and took around 1000 pictures. Someday those, or other pictures taken by the mountain men, will make it online.

In the meantime, here's some groovy QuickTime VR panoramas of certain points along the trip, from, and some other pictures to fill in:

Aroad's end - trailhead - Bubbs Creek - Bubbs Creek Trail - Steep! - Bubbs Creek Trail
Bcharlotte creek - Junction Meadow
Ccharlotte lake - view down to lake
Dvidette meadow - overlook of vidette
Ewheelbarrow camp
Fforester pass - semi ok picture
Gtyndall creek
Hwallace creek
Iguitar lake
Jtrail crest
Kwhitney summit
Loutpost camp - picture of the camp
Mwhitney portal

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